"A Cappella Ya!"


The Green Album - Freshman Fifteen

Released 2013


1. Zero To Hero
2. Storm Warning
3. These Four Walls
4. Coney Island
5. Summer Romance
6. Haven't Met You Yet
7. Halo
8. I Can Change
9. To Build A Home
10. L-O-V-E
11. All These Things That I've Done
12. Thinking 'Bout Somethin'

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The Green Album - Freshman Fifteen

Released 2010



1. Dancing Machine
2. Falling For the First Time
3. Awake (featured on BOCA 2011 and Voices Only 2010)
4. I Try
5. Mary Poppins' Birds
6. By the Time
7. Home
8. I'll Cover You
9. Just the Girl
10. Change is Gonna Come
11. Sweet Dreams
12. Alma Mater

*named as one of the CARA Top 10 All-Male Collegiate Recordings of the year!

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The Green Album - Freshman Fifteen

Released 2008


1. A Cappella Ya!
2. Chariot
3. Who Loves You (featured on Voices Only 2008)
4. Get Ready
5. Change the World
6. Zoot Suit Riot
7. I'll Make a Man Out of You
8. Makes Me Wonder
9. The Way It Is
10. That Thing You Do
11. Feelin' Good
12. Me and My Gang
13. MMMBop

Game Time - Freshman Fifteen

Released 2006


1. Breakdown
2. Senorita
3. Kiss The Girl
4. She's Got The Look
5. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
6. Amsterdam
7. Collide
8. Jessie's Girl
9. Lately
10. She Will Be Loved
11. Somebody Told Me
12. Hallelujah (featured on Voices Only 2006)
13. Maria

Pants Down - Freshman Fifteen

Released 2004


1. September (featured on Voices Only 2005)
2. In Your Eyes
3. Love Song For No One
4. The Kids Aren't Alright
5. White Days
6. The Scientist
7. Stacy's Mom
8. Long December
9. Just What I Needed
10. You're a God
11. It's Too Late
12. Roll To Me

New Hotness - Freshman Fifteen

Released 2003


1. Moondance
2. If I Am
3. Centerfold
4. Glycerine

5. Breakfast at Tiffany's
6. Ghost Train
7. In the House of Stone and Light
8. The Middle
9. Inside Out
10. Drive
11. Tiny Dancer
12. Fire and Rain


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Song Name Original Artist Soloist

I Won't Give Up

Suit and Tie

Money Grabber

Come Around


Storm Warning

Love You Long Time

Draw A Crowd





Happy Birthday

Northwestern Alma Mater

Jason Mraz

Justin Timberlake

Fitz and the Tantrums

Marc Broussard

Janelle Monae

Hunter Hayes

Jazmine Sullivan

Ben Folds

Allen Stone

Nat King Cole


Once (the musical)

F15 Style

F15 Style


Butt Song

Afro Samurai

Butt Song



Butt Song

Neil Armstrong


Afro Samurai